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🌱 Hello! My name is James Bedford, I'm a Front-End developer and UX Designer. I went from a Construction job, to leading the Development Team at a large Data Science Company in just a few years. I want to teach you how!


I offer various mentorship packages to suit all budgets. From a free newsletter, right through to one on one mentorship I can offer advice to help you start your new life as a developer.


As a Computer Science dropout, I want to help people who dream of a career in tech but who need guidance to start their journey. My main value comes from helping people so let it be you!

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What do I Get?

The Benefits of Signing up to my Mentorship Program

A 45 Minute Consultation

Via video call, we will discuss your goals and current situation. What do you want to achieve and are there any blockers? I will also address your CV, personal portfolio and relevant Social Media accounts to see what improvements can be made.

A Months "Action Plan"

After the initial consultation, I will create a bespoke "action plan" to last you the month. This will contain tasks to help you achieve your goals and set you on the path to success.

Mastermind Membership

A secret members group just for developers. Make connections and build relationships with others just like you and have direct access to myself. We will be sharing advice and also community projects designed to help you succeed.

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Who is this For?

Who Should be Signing Up?

New Developers, First Time Job Seekers

Break into the industry quickly and effectively. Get leading advice from a Development Team Lead into what makes a company want to hire someone as well as what technologies you need to be learning in 2019.

Junior/Mid Developers Looking for a Promotion

If you are looking for a promotion or want to jump up in your career then I can help you with that. Should you be learning new technologies or doubling down on what you already know? Learn how to stand out from the crowd.

Freelancers and Side-Hustlers

As someone who has worked as a Freelancer, I can offer you advice on how to maximise your income, either as a full-time freelancer or someone who just wants to earn a few extra grand on the side.

Mentorship Options

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Mentorship & Mastermind Entry
£ 45

A personal consultancy session, followed by a bespoke action plan to help you achieve your goals. Plus entry to our mastermind group!

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£ 39

A personal consultancy session, followed by a bespoke action plan to help you achieve your goals.

  • “James is a friendly and knowledgeable person and has helped me feel more confident in my abilities. Whenever I have described how I am feeling, he always has a relevant answer which helps me process any feelings and get the best out of them.”
    — Yusuf Chowdhury, BSc Computer Science student
  • “James has been patient and made me see things from a different angle. After speaking with him I got two clients in two months. He is always ready to help people in his own wonderful way. A big inspiration.”
    — James Akpan, Web Developer
  • “I've known James for almost a year and can vouch that he is always willing to help and put others first. I'm constantly looking to improve my freelance business and James has always helped me during new situations through sharing his previous experiences and industry knowledge.”
    — Brad Zerafa, Freelance Web Developer